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We recognise that many sales professionals don't like cold calling but understand the importance of keeping the sales pipeline flowing. At H2H, we free sales staff up to concentrate on converting warm leads and managing key accounts.




  • Identify key prospects / profiling

  • Customised and unscripted sales approach

  • Intelligently engage with senior level decision makers to identify needs and opportunities

  • Nurture short and long term relationships with prospects to develop into sales leads




Time constraints placed on sales staff can often make it difficult for them to dedicate time to generating sales meetings.


At H2H we are:


  • Experienced in engaging with senior management and decision makers across many market sectors

  • Able to accurately target and qualify prospects to ensure they meet key criteria for appointments

  • Skilled at developing relationships with both short and long term prospects to ensure a regular pipeline of meetings



Attracting the right quality and quantity of delegates to attend your conferences, exhibitions, seminars or workshops can be both time consuming and costly. Our pre and post event telemarketing contact approach will help you to maximise your attendance levels.


  • Target prospects to invite to the event based on agreed criteria

  • Contact previous years delegates to inform about latest event

  • Re-contact registered delegates to confirm attendance just prior to event

  • Follow-up with delegates post event to generate interest in sales / future events



Research shows that between 25% and 40% of your customer data goes out-of-date every 12 months. As a result, if you are not regularly maintaining your databse, any marketing activity will be yielding lower than expected results - a complete waste of your time and money!


To improve your marketing performance, we can:


  • Verify and up-date existing contact names, job titles, phone and email details

  • Verify and up-date existing company name, phone, web and address details

  • Source new names and contact details for other key decision makers at a company

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